What is the purpose of Office Button in MS WORD


Click the button to Open, Save, or print and to see everything you can do with your document.

Step 1: Office button

Step 2: New

Are you wanted to create a new document in Microsoft office word? Please follow the below steps.

Office button–>New


Step 3: Open

You can retrieve your saved documents in Microsoft office word.

Office button–>Open–>Dialog box–> Enter your file name–> Click open


Step 3: Save

This is most important step of MS WORD Editor. Because you must save your document in each and every changes otherwise it will be auto deleted in case of power shut down or close the application.

Office button–> Save–> Dialog box opened–>Enter you file name–> choose save


Step 4: Save As

It is more over same the above concept. It’s having one distinguish. That is the Save button can save only one name in one document. But Save As can save one document in many names.

Office button–> Save As–> Dialog box–>Enter a different document name–> choose save button



Step 5: Print

It is used to take a hard copy from soft copy.

System Documents: Soft copy

Paper or any external documents: hard copy

Office button–>Print–>Dialog box–> Specify the properties and options of print box–>Click Ok



Step 6: Prepare

These are one of the setting sections of document. You can set a security of your word documents. And also can set document settings.

Office button–> Prepare–> select the options


Step 7: Send

It can be used to send your document as attached to mail or fax.

Office button–>Send–> select the options


Step 8: Publish

Create a new blog post with the content of the document.

Office button–> Publish–> select the options


Step 9: Close

Close the current document in Microsoft office word.


I hope this class is useful to you. Please let me know your feed back for my guidance. See you the next class in this sections briefly until then bye from your friend. Take care.


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